Lena Posch

When I lived in Istanbul, I moved in a neighbourhood, called Tarlabasi. Tarlabasi isn't fancy and it isn't beautiful in a general way. Even tough many people are afraid of stepping a foot in this district it is beautiful in its own way, because it is still feels real. Instead of tourists and big shopping malls, children are playing on the streets, people are drinking tea, and the streets are full of colorful clothes, life and lots of cats. But unfortunately it all might be gone in a few years, because the government wants to convert this lively neighbourhood in some kind of luxury district, regardless of the people who lived there for generations. I witnessed the gentrification and the bitterness down the streets, and it made me feel sad. I felt I should do something and be a part of it. I wanted to get in touch with the inhabitants, I wanted to hear their stories, just spend some time together, in order to look beneath the surface. So I went to the TTM, because I heard about it from a friend. When I opened the door to the TTM everything was colorful and bright and I immediately felt welcomed. My intention was to give the TTM something useful. In the end, I began to document the classes and special events with my camera and to spread them via Facebook. I am very passionate about photography and about humanity, so it was the perfect job for me. The kids loved my camera and the attention. They wanted to be photographed all the time. I really loved being at the TTM and I am so thankful of what I got back. Everytime I walked down the streets and met some of the children I smiled because they were so happy to see me. And I met a lot of interesting people, working at the TTM.