Tarlabaşı Toplum Merkezi


Tarlabası Community Center(TTM) tries to make equal conditions in terms of the participation of city life for people in the Tarlabası that is one of the versatile disadvantaged areas in Istanbul. It is a nonprofit organization and engages in right based activities since 2006.

Protecting people live in the Tarlabası area who are excluded from the social life and live in poverty and deprivation of fundemental rights, wiping out the biases toward Tarlabası and raising awareness among Tarlabası habitants in terms of violation of their rights are one of the most important aims of the Association for Supporting Tarlabası Community.

Since 2006, Tarlabası Community Center has provided social, psychological and educational support for disadvantaged children, young people and women.


  • Tarlabaşı Community Centre (TTM) carries out activities laid out in the charter of the Tarlabaşı Community Support Association.
  • TTM was founded with the aim of providing educational, social and psychological support. There will be no distribution of aid in cash or in kind either to those who receive counselling from TTM or to any other persons via TTM. Under no circumstances will those who receive services from TTM be asked to pay fees of any kind.
  • TTM is a rights-based institution that carries out its activities without discrimination and in line with the principles of social justice, human rights, equality and democracy. Under no circumstances does TTM discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, language, religion, religious sect, nationality, colour, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical appearance, ideas or thoughts, philosophical beliefs, social background, class, birthplace, or economic or other social status. TTM is against all forms of oppression and discrimination. As a social service organisation that aims to provide unbiased services, TTM conducts its activities with no allegiance to any political view or party.
  • In the interests of social justice and in line with the principle of equality, TTM gives priority in its activities to disadvantaged groups (children, the youth, women, minorities, people facing socio-economic deprivation, victims of migration, any ethnic group that faces discrimination in society, people with different gender identities and sexual orientations, people with disabilities, etc.).
  • TTM works towards raising awareness in society of children’s and human rights and organises its activities accordingly. The priority of all its activities is the best interests of the child and the centre only supports activities that observe this principle. TTM is against any kind of violence within the organisation itself and within its projects and service area, and this principle is applied in all activities. The principle of peaceful service under the umbrella of art and education is essential in all activities carried out at TTM.
  • Under no circumstances does TTM cooperate with institutions that hold prejudices against or stigmatise the neighbourhood of Tarlabaşı and those that live there, nor does the it allow activities that do so to be held in the centre.
  • In accordance with the principle of the right to privacy and counsellor-counselee confidentiality, under no circumstances is the confidential information of those who receive services from TTM shared with any other party.
  • TTM applies a policy of transparency regarding its activities, actions and resources.
  • The TTM Administrative Board (chair, deputy chair, secretary, accountant, members) has the authority to make decisions related to TTM. The exchange of opinions and consensus with the centre’s administration (administrator, administrative assistant, volunteer coordinator, psychological counsellor) is essential in the decision-making process. The needs and demands of Tarlabaşı are the primary consideration for all activities that take place in TTM.
  • Educational and cultural activities that are in line with our aims are held either independently or in collaboration with related institutions. Such activities include courses, seminars, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, festivals, performances, presentations, meetings, workshops, conventions and panel discussions. A range of related audio, visual and written materials are produced and shared.
  • In order to obtain resources and to enable the continuation of works carried out at TTM, the Tarlabaşı Community Support Association may coordinate projects with national and international institutions and organizations, submit project proposals, and conduct fundraising activities.

Supporters (2019-2021)

Sivil Toplum İçin Destek Vakfı Etkiniz AB Programı
Sivil Düşün AB Programı Kahane Foundation Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği
Hayata Destek Derneği Uluslararası Çocuk Merkezi (ICC) Alman Uluslararası İşbirliği Kurumu (GIZ)