How you can become a volunteer?

Alongside our professional activities, here at TTM we also host programmes that are run or supported by volunteers. A range of events, training workshops and support activities are offered within the scope of the TTM Volunteer Activities. The volunteer programme aims to enable volunteers to gain experience of working in a rights-based non-governmental organisation, to work in their field of interest/expertise together with people in need of those services, to fight against violence, prejudice and discrimination, and to develop projects in line with TTM’s working principles.

As well as the chance to work as a volunteer, the centre also offers internship opportunities. Candidates who are not afraid of taking responsibility and who are open to collaboration are invited to send a completed volunteer application form. Application results will be decided following a face-to-face interview. Applications are prioritised according to the needs of the centre and the neighbourhood and are assessed on the basis of the applicant’s competences with regard to their proposed activities.


TTM structurally supports innovative and interdisciplinary creative art education...

For volunteers who are interested in setting up a new workshop are initially expected to present a proposal and content document. When evaluating the proposals, the volunteer’s previous experiences, workshop content and the primary needs of community are taken into consideration. Since establishment we have carried out with our volunteers support many workshops like: City Gardening, Kitchen Samba, Cat House Building, Recycling Bin Making, Children Rights via Plays, “Vegetarian Cinderella” Story Reading and Gender Mainstreaming, where kids learn while having fun and present themselves individually, actively.


Bettina Salzhuber

As a student of Arts and Education in Germany, I was especially interested in Art Programs during my internship at the Tarlabasi community centre...

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Alex Aronsky

It's my first day, my first day as an intern at TTM. Of course first days make you nervous. You enter to a unknown environment...

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