Your support helps TTM remain independent

Be our individual supporter

By making a financial or in-kind donation to the centre you can help the residents of Tarlabaşı, primarily children, benefit from the activities and services provided by TTM.

Be our corporate supporter

By sponsoring us you can cover the costs of running our activities, or provide support for the centre’s regular overheads, such as rent, heating, electricity, water or renovations.

Be our material supporter

Provide in-kind support by supplying stationery, educational materials, books, educational toys or other items necessary for the centre’s activities.


You too can support the continuation of our activities by making a donation to Tarlabaşı Community Centre.

Online Donation (Visa/Mastercard/AmEx)

Tarlabaşı Community Support Association
Bank Account Number:
Garanti Bank Cumhuriyet Caddesi- Taksim Branch
Branch Code: 772 Account Number: 6299673
IBAN: TR03 0006 2000 7720 0006 2996 73

So how can you become a part of our success story? Here are some ideas of how you can contribute to the children's achievements!

  • Provide monthly trips for children as our transportation sponsor.
  • Contribute to providing the children with healthy meals at outside events as our catering sponsor.
  • Donate stationery materials.
  • Offer support to help us to enlarge our working area.
  • Donate colouring books for the children.
  • At least 30 children use the TTM Library every week. Give them even more to read by donating books to our library.
  • Become a press sponsor for the Parlayan Çocuklar (Sparkling Children) Magazine.
  • Donate air conditioning units to heat and cool our working areas and classroom.
  • Donate materials for art workshops
  • Follow us on social media and help raise awareness about TTM by sharing our activities.

Did you know that at least 30 children use the
TTM Library every week?

Donate books to
our library.

With your support, TTM can offer children new experiences in new places!

Provide logistical support for trips

Your support
can help
the Sparkling Children’s Club share their work!

Become the press sponsor for our magazine