Youth Orchestra


The “Küçük Laçolar” (Young men) orchestra, targeting unifying power of music, started in year 2006 with the support of volunteer teachers, to provide basic/base musical education to youngster and kids living in Tarlabaşı. With the contributions of Istanbul-European Cultural Capital Agency in 2010; Swedish Consulate, Olof Palme Center and Lunt Foundation between 2011 and 2014 the orchestra continued its musical note, solfege, chorus practices targeting polyphonic music and instrument performing.

In TTM between 2006 and 2014, members of the orchestra were able to express themselves with the common language of music during their trainings for various percussion, stringed, keyed instruments; extending their repertory with contemporary pieces under the guidance of instructors Seyfi Dinç, Onur Yusufoğlu, Efgan Rende ve Mamed Caferov while the TTM Orchestra became the voice of Tarlabaşı with its multiculturalism and differences/variations in Istanbul’s representation.