The period that the activity takes place: 2007-2011

The works are supervised by a Kindergarten teacher and Center psychologist and primarily aim in the age groups of 4,5,6 progress in five key areas: Namely, psychomotor, social-emotional, language/speech, cognition and self care skills. Any pre-school work involves development in at least one of these five areas. All pre-school works are planned to be carried out at the Center, and done at the Center such that each age group come together either before noon or after noon at least two days on weekly basis.

High school and university student volunteers and trainees are accepted for pre-school works.

It is indispensable for kids living in socio-economically disadvantaged regions to benefit from pre-school services. TTM has a crucial role in this regard in Tarlabaşı providing free reachable pre-school services, supporting parents with young kids. About 500 kids have benefited from TTM's pre-school works between 2007 and 2013 which yet had to be suspended due to lack of enough space and funding.

Sponsoring these pre-school works, you might support kids to utilize their free, quality primary education rights, and prevent their potential quits from school in the future due to lack of enough means and/or insufficient support in early ages.