The period that the activity takes place: 2012-2015 (continuing)

TTM (Tarlabaşı Community Center) supports innovative, interdisciplinary art training which prioritize children's creativity. Till now, many children and women have been reached at Tarlabaşı via voluntary trainings on dance, cinema, literature, photography and music. The content of these short term workshops where the children learn while having fun (e.g. City Gardening, Kitchen Samba, Cat House Building, Recycling Bins, Children Rights Via Plays, World Atlas, Vegetarian Cinderella Story Reading and Social Gender Workshop etc) might be reached in Annual Reports. For a new workshop proposal, please review information in Volunteering section and contact Volunteer Coordinator. For opening and carrying on such a new workshop, the volunteers are expected to prepare a proposal paper and content beforehand. During evaluation of the proposals, the Center consider experience of the volunteers, proposed workshop content and the needs of the community.