TTM is non-discrimination organisation and TTM's media and visibility works are based on social equality, human rights, considering the principles of equality and democracy holds. TTM never disciriminates agains to interpersonal ethnicity, language, religion, nationality, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, idea or opinion, philosophical beliefs, social origin, social class, labor, economic and other social positions. TTM is against to all kinds of oppression and discrimination. As a social service organisation TTM aims to provide an unbiased servise and doesnt carry our their activities depend on any political idea or party.TTM effectively uses the social media to pronounce their activies and eliminate of the prejudice for Tarlabaşı; avoid of the agitational comments for the visibility of their work; pays attention to the protection of personal rights. Respect to the private life during the media activities is essential.

A large part of the advocacy work is carried out through the media due to service oriented studies which take place in TTM centre. Advocacy is spread by media for visibility of human rights violations in Tarlabaşı.Particulary, traumas of the displaced groups; negative effects to environment, city and residents of urban transformation projects where mostly poor people lives; physical and spatial difference; any type of discrimination stemming from the ethnic diversity and based on identity are brought out by using media.

For covering the issues about Tarlabaşı Community Centre,media institutions have to sign the media protocol which had regulated by Tarlabaşı Community Support Association in the date of 21/01/2011 decision.