The period that the activity takes place: 2007-2011

In 2010 Türkiye Aile Sağlığı ve Planlaması Vakfı and Tarlabaşı Toplum Merkezi agreed on starting women’s health education programme. Three group were worked in Tarlabaşı with the support of TAPV for the Women Health Education Programme (KSEP) that carried out as a closed group work and took 13 weeks. Apart from the group work of time management and needs of the women who livein Tarlabaşı , the seminars continue about reproductive organs and functions, cleaning and nutrition, safe motherhood, fertility regulation, reproductive health protective behaviors, communication skills, sexuality, gender and rights, children and adolescent health.Training activities ,which coordinated by the two instructors from Tarlabaşı Toplum Merkezi, also takes place within individual caounseling for the women.