Association for Supporting Tarlabası Community

Association for Supporting Tarlabaşı Community that was officially completed its establishment in June 5, 2007.The main motive of association is to support people live in the Tarlabaşı.

In order to ensure its continuity, Association for Supporting Tarlabası Community carries on making the publicity through the media and providing financial support.

Board of Directors
  • Gizem Külekçioğlu Chairperson
  • Cem Demirayak Vice Chairperson
  • Murat Çelik Secretary General
  • Berkay Hacımustafa Treasurer
  • Melda Akbaş Member
Denetim Kurulu
  • Aslı Silahtaroğlu Bekmen
  • Buse Demir
  • Ayşegül Özadak
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Tarlabası Community Center(TTM) tries to make equal conditions in terms of the participation of city life for people in the Tarlabası that is one of the versatile disadvantaged areas in Istanbul. It is a nonprofit organization and engages in right based activities since 2006.

Protecting people live in the Tarlabası area who are excluded from the social life and live in poverty and deprivation of fundemental rights, wiping out the biases toward Tarlabası and raising awareness among Tarlabası habitants in terms of violation of their rights are one of the most important aims of the Association for Supporting Tarlabası Community.

Since 2006, Tarlabası Community Center has provided social, psychological and educational support for over 15.000 disadvantaged children, young people and women.

Foundations Working Together: Istanbul Bilgi University Research Center for Immigration Studies, Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), Turkey Family Health and Planning Foundation (TPAV), Istanbul University Children Studies Unit(ÇOÇA), Under the Same Roof with Children(ÇAÇA), Migrant Solidarity Networ- Migrant Solidarity Cuisine, Dayanışma Mutfağı, Aksanat, Salt Galata, Foundation for Society and Legal Studies(TOHAV), KAOS GL, Istanbul Foundatiom for Culture and Arts, İSUZU, IBM, Black Pink Triangle Association, Basak Culture and Art Foundation, Agenda Child Association, Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants(SGDD), Human Resource Development Foundation(IKGV), Community Volunteers Foundation(TOG), Educational Volunteers(TEGV), Amnesty International, Civil Society Development Center(STGM), Mavi Kalem Association, Volunteers Association for Sulukule, MODE Istanbul, Istanbul Bilgi University Youth Studies Unit, Development of Social and Cultural Life Association(SKYGD), Civil Society Association in the Penal System(CISTT), Women for Women’s Rights: New Ways, Helsinki Citizen Assembly, Mor Catı Women’s Shelter Foundation, Third Sector Foundation of Turkey(TUSEV), District National Education Directorate, County Child Branch Police Department, Beyoglu Governership, Beyoglu Social Service Center, Sururi Primary School, Hüviyet Bekir Primary School, Hollanda Roc van Twente Technical School, Association in Support for Woman Candidates(KADER), Beyoglu Public Education Center, Social Workers Association, Humanist Group Association, Istanbul Bilgi University Legal Clinic, YENIDEN Health and Education Society, Organization of Patients' and Patients' Relatives' Rights, Lambdaistanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association, Social Policy Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association(SPOD)

AFFILIATION NETWORKS: Platform of Violence Against Children, Network Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Confinement of Children Prisons Initiative, A Platform for Monitoring Public Expenditure, Stability and Supervision Network


The Tarlabaşı Community Centre Team

Remziye Bozkuyu

Remziye Bozkuyu