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Association for Supporting Tarlabası Community

Association for Supporting Tarlabaşı Community that was officially completed its establishment in June 5, 2007.The main motive of association is to support people live in the Tarlabaşı.

In order to ensure its continuity, Association for Supporting Tarlabası Community carries on making the publicity through the media and providing financial support.

Board of Directors
  • Gizem Külekçioğlu Chairperson
  • Cem Demirayak Vice Chairperson
  • Murat Çelik Secretary General
  • Berkay Hacımustafa Treasurer
  • Melda Akbaş Member
Denetim Kurulu
  • Aslı Silahtaroğlu Bekmen
  • Buse Demir
  • Ayşegül Özadak
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Tarlabasi Community Center began as a pilot project in the Beyoglu district Tarlabasi under the leadership of the Research Center for Migration Studies Application at Bilgi University in order to promote the equal participation of urban life of immigrants in the city.

A Community Centre project was prepared in 2005 at Beyoğlu-Tarlabasi area which intensely included different cultures, compliance issues arising from migration, poverty, unemployment, and the informal and illegal relationships within itself. The Centre began its activities in September 2006 with the support of European Commission's European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) micro-projects programme. For the sustainability of the Centre's operation Association for Supporting Tarlabasi Community was established within the scope of the project in July 2007. Tarlabasi Community Centre conducts its on the by favour of the Association. Tarlabasi Community Centre, except of the financial resources of the European Commission funds that ended in November 2007, has been accepted and assisted with the Social Risk Mitigation Project (SRMP) in July 2006 which is Prime Ministry Social Assistance and Solidarity Fund supported by the World Bank. Additionally, The Community Centre continued its works with partial supports from a project of the European Commission on Child Rights and a private foundation in the US between December 2007 - December 2008. The Foundation in the US has continued to provide full support for the Tarlabasi Communty Centre in the years 2009 and 2010. During this period, the music workshops were sponsored by the Netherlands Consulate.

In 2010, the Rhythm Workshop and Kids Club activities have been carried out by the support of Olof Palme International Centre (Sweden). Two project towards the women and children were conducted as part of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture projects. With “Painting with Women” project, Tarlabası resident women made paintings on the tambourines and they exhibited their works in the Tarlabası streets at the end of the project. “Guitar Sounds in Tarlabası” was a district orchestra that included children from Tarlabası. Children within this project gave four concert during November and December, 2010.

Within the years of 2010-2013, the nursery school and the art workshops were supported by the Swedish Olof Palme International Center with the projects of “The Mothers and The Children are Learning Together” and “Social Support for the Children of Tarlabaşı” and the music workshops were funded by the Swedish Consulate. Also, Istanbul Bilgi University contributed to the foundation with a protocol signed between the years 2011-2014.

In 2014, the head Office had moved from a five floor apartment in Kalyoncukulluk Street to its new place that consists of 70 square-meters in Çukur Neighbourhood, Zerdali Street due to the changes in the volume of the budget. Between the years 2014-2015, the center has continued its works with the support of Swedish Lunt Foundation, Sabancı Foundation and British Community Council alongside the support of Istanbul Bilgi University.


The Tarlabaşı Community Centre Team

Remziye Bozkuyu

Remziye Bozkuyu